About SanQ

My name is SanQ and I am a mother of 3, 2 boys and a girl. I live in the Pacific Northwest but was born in South Carolina and from the age of 2 was raised in Northwest Florida. I never had any idea I would live on the West Coast, much less live here as long as I have….13 years this Summer!

I love the weather here. I know, kinda shocking from a Florida girl but I always did love the rain. I do miss thunderstorms! I thoroughly enjoy every last drop of Summer though, since there is only about 3 months of it. And usually in June, I am done with the rain. Oh it rains anyway, never minds me but Mother Nature is kind enough to give us some Sun breaks every now and then.

My family and friends are my treasures in this life.

I have so many interests it is hard to narrow them down, but I will try. Spending time with my family, reading, having long conversations and drinks with friends, cooking, hiking/backpacking, camping, traveling, eclectic homeschooling, home birth/birth issues, breastfeeding, natural family living, learning new things, sewing, volunteering, film, art, and music. Surely I’m missing something…well that is what updates are for, right?

Thank you for reading!


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