So the Indian Spinach Lentils were a flop. Oh well. I was really hoping to come up with an easy vegetarian Indian meal for the crockpot. I have to turn that book back in to the library but I will keep searching. I used to have so many vegetarian recipes! It frustrates me that I didn’t write out my menus or keep more of my cookbooks. 

Tonight we are having something I make a lot, Chicken Tortilla Soup but without the chicken. I am using black beans and vegetable broth instead. I also am cooking it on the stove versus the crockpot. It is a super easy throw together, especially since I just used canned black beans. The boys are having a friend over, and since Drew is out of town my friend and her daughter are also having dinner with us. The soup makes a lot, and with the extras it will easily serve all seven of us.

It is only Tuesday and I am so ready for the weekend. I miss my sexy bike man. But I will only see him for a couple days then I’m out of town this time…Seattle for a music festival. I’m super excited! Also Andrew is moving out Saturday. I will be here for a little while in the morning though.

All of Salila’s invites are out for her birthday party. Now just to figure out the cake and a craft or two for her sleepover. I was thinking something fun for the girls to either wear or take to decorate their room. When I figure it out I will be sure to post it here.

Whew. Today was crazy. Big grocery day with three stops, Fred Meyer, Winco and the bread store. I noticed the bread store doesn’t have as much organic bread as they usually do. Maybe someone else has discovered my little secret! They are carrying gluten free bread now, 4.99 a small loaf but I so rarely eat sandwiches I don’t feel like bothering with it. I had a good coupon day, saved about 12.50 altogether. Then I mailed a package to a friend that is having a baby, picked up the boys’ friend, picked up the girls, then finally the music store for guitar strings and picks. Tomorrow I get to have tea with my friend in the morning and then Dakota has a filling at the dentist. Normally I would volunteer Wednesday at the school but another mom has taken over so my weeks are getting empty. I worked in the book room at the school last week so nothing this week. I am thinking about how to volunteer next year. I would like a regular gig like I have now, but it will have to be family friendly. The only thing I can think of is the Oregon Food Bank, and every opportunity I’ve seen so far isn’t a regular thing. But as I make my list I will call and talk to those in the know. Thursday and Friday I can’t remember what is going on, besides Drew coming home Thursday. Maybe Thursday I will clean and Friday we may have a homeschool thing with Dakota.

Soon I will be coming up with our homeschool plans for next year. Over the summer Dakota wants to learn to play guitar, learn pre-algebra and more physics. He also wants us all to take CPR classes and First Aid classes. He repaired a broken IPod this week, and is still working on our desktop computer. For now I will be getting Salila a Summer Bridge workbook, she is showing interest in the guitar as well. She also draws and paints all the time. I would love for her to take a class but so far she hasn’t shown any interest. She wants me to teach her everything! Sweet huh? I just wish I knew everything….


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