Run Free Hamster!

So there are 20 days until the end of school and we are Ready. These days homework really becomes a chore and I yearn to let the kids just play outside until the sun goes down. The sun is finally out! It is like a holiday here in the Northwest! Alas, homework must be done. Homework. Every. Single. Day. Grumble grumble.

I got a new cookbook at the library, The Indian Slow Cooker by Anupy Singla. This week I am trying Green Spinach Lentils. I use my crockpot semi-regularly. Most soups I make go in there, and regular things like chili and spaghetti. I cook beans in there and freeze them to use later in 2 cup portion sizes generally. Sometimes I try something new, or I will try one of my regular recipes in there. Usually, since I know how a crockpot cooks things turn out well. Every now and then something won’t be great…edible…but not great.

So…what else? Dakota wanted me to buzz his hair…so his long hair is now super short! He loves it. Andrew is packing up his room, it is beginning to look bare. Sniff sniff. Dakota is ready for his own room…he has been measuring and packing up some stuff. Salila needs a dresser, and maybe a shelf and a bedside table. There hasn’t been room until now for her own space, so she has been sharing my dresser and storing toys and books in the living room. It will be fun to set up their rooms differently with their own space, finally.

I am really loving our weather, so sunny and breezy. The lilac tree in our front yard is blooming gorgeous purple and smelling so sweet. I have a bud on my foxglove, I wasn’t sure if it would bloom again this year but it looks like it will. I found some vegetable seeds when I was decluttering and saw the neighbor had bought some vegetable plants so I think I will give them to her.

Well off to make peanut noodles, a big favorite around here. Peanut sauce (made by Drew) lots of veggies, tofu and whole grain noodles/kelp noodles. Yummy 😀


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