Early Friday Morn

O little bloggy, how I have neglected you. Not intentionally, but well…I’m sorry. 

There are about a million and one things I would love to write about. So I will write about 5. 

  1. I am now a tattooed mama. A small (ish) one on the inside of my left wrist. It surprises me how comfortable/normal I feel about it whenever I look at it. I thought it would make me sad every time I looked at it (it is honoring my grandmother who has passed on) but instead, I am reminded of beautiful times, and what a wonderful person she was. Also, how I can be more like her.
  2. I am simultaneously teaching my son, and his friend how to drive. Have you noticed my silver halo? ;o) Because it is even more of my *silver* hair. Crazy fun! No, we didn’t get a car, I watch my friend’s daughter before/after school and one of the perks is the use of her car. Pretty sweet, huh? I still prefer not to drive, but I have to admit having the use of one 5 days a week is a luxury. 
  3. I am bettering my baking skills. Although I haven’t baked now in a couple weeks, I am slowly getting better. There are subtleties about baking I have missed for many years. Sure, I can make a mean batch of cornbread but cakes, pies, etc.? I have always enjoyed baking when I actually do it, I just was never super great at it. And, *Finally* I have learned to make one of my favorite foods of all time, pho. So far, just chicken but I will be venturing into veggie pho. In my experience, pho is really about the broth, and the delightful blend of herbs and spices. So we shall see. I was *lucky* at the library and picked up “peas and thank you” a cookbook from one of my favorite bloggers. I’m so excited about this book! As everyone around me “goes Paleo” I cook and eat more and more veggie. The only meat I can eat without feeling sick is chicken, and lately even that has been icking me out. Why? I don’t know. I’m not going to over examine it but if I feel good eating something, I will continue to eat it. Something’s working, because over the course of 6 months or so I’ve lost 20 lbs. Of course that may also be due to my Mt Tabor obsession. Who knows? If I feel good, why question it?
  4. My dearest daughter has bronchitis. She coughed all night and day for three days, nothing I could give her would help her. She was patient with all of my home remedies (including apple cider/honey syrup…what a trooper!) but finally I took her in to the doc. After listening and looking in her ears, nose and chest the doc told me everything was clear. (My lung sickness history and her non-related hospital stay as a toddler colors my worry here, I’ll admit it) She has missed almost all week at school. I will send her in a few hours, but be waiting by the phone. 
  5. The last thing, and one of the most important (to me) is I have been quietly, and slowly working on my self esteem. Little bits here and there. With a little help from my fashionista friend and a very special makeup place (Camellia…NE Portland) I am feeling downright gorgeous these days. I am remembering when my body was just a tool for fun, nothing more, nothing less. Run, swing, bike, dance! Yeah, let’s do all of that! No negative thoughts. No comparing. No guilt. Letting all that go. I’m liking the new me. She’s pretty hot.



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39 Year Old Mother of 3, Reader, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend.
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One Response to Early Friday Morn

  1. Danielle says:

    I so love your blog, your insights, your honesty. Thank you!

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