Tuesday Tuesday

First, a tip. 

I have always had issues with dishwasher detergent. Either the stench (“scent” to dishwasher soap makers) bothers me, the eco stuff is too expensive, or the cheaper/off brand eco stuff just doesn’t work like I want it to. So I found a “recipe” (using that as loosely as possible…) using borax and baking soda. Half and half. So I mixed a cup each one day, put in a tablespoon in the little soap thingy in the dishwasher and held my breath. So, end result? It works as good or better than the other stuff, with no harsh scents! Sometimes I add vinegar in the little container meant for that jet dry stuff.

Hmm, what else. Blogging is funny for me. Either I have waaay too much to talk about or feel like I have nothing to say. So weeks pass and I don’t blog. I have the best intentions! But alas, other parts of my life need my attention more and I am neglectful to my poor bloggy. 

Our computer died (RIP Mr. Dell) so I pulled out my mini mac from the closet and using that to get online. It is pretty slow, and things like Facebook aren’t as fun. But maybe that means my blog will get the attention it deserves. 

We had to put our new kitty, Penny (Penelope Lane) to sleep. She was a stray taken in by a friend’s family, and then we took her in. She was very thin and lethargic so we took her to the vet. Sadly we could not save her. We gave her so much love in the few days we knew her but I am still having a hard time with it. We were already so attached to her, she was so very sweet. 

The end of school for the kiddos is nearing, day by day. I found a math curriculum online for Koda. 2 months free, whoopee! This will help him get up to speed for next year, and maybe we will keep using it. It is nice to try it out and see if it works for him. I feel learning another language is important in today’s society, and after the language program for neighborhood children was shut down at our school, and the pay program too expensive for our family, I wondered how to provide this for my kids. I didn’t want them to have to wait until high school to learn a language. In my thoughts, if they are exposed and learning at a younger age maybe it will become easier as the years pass. Andrew started out learning Japanese but is now almost done with Spanish. I asked my younger two which languages interested them. Lila, (no surprise to me) immediately said Japanese. So, about a week ago I found a tutor for her! Yay! Lila learned some Chinese at school before the program was cut, but I was not able to continue her learning at that time. So now on to Koda. He hasn’t come up with anything yet but I’m sure we will figure out something soon. I would like to learn Spanish, so it would be nice if he chose that, or even German…which would mean I would have to brush up on it. Fun, and who knows what he will come up with! 

So if you don’t know already, we have decided to homeschool Koda & Lila next year. I am so excited. I have been making notes/computer documents and looking at curriculum and discovering new and familiar homeschool email lists. It has been so fun! I think our previous years homeschooling have taught me a lot, and I am ready to go with new energy. I do have worries and questions and as I go along I make sure to write them down and chat about them with other homeschooling folks. 

This week is already short, and busy. I need to sit down with my calendar at some point today, the Summer is filling with activity already. I’m hoping for the perfect balance of little bits of activity followed by stretches of lots of nothing…:)

Have a happy week!


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