Monday Meme: 15 Truths

Warning: I’m feeling a bit serious/melancholy today.

1. I tried to revive someone I knew using CPR. They died.

2. I am introverted, but could talk all day/night with the right person. In groups I am generally quiet, preferring to listen to others talk about themselves. I have a hard time judging sometimes when I am talking too much, or not enough. I dream of being silent for days on end.

3.  I am a survivor.

4. I’m not sure if I will ever finish college…and it is possible my kids will finish first, or be going at the same time I do.

5. When my kids are grown I could quite possibly live in a tent or out of a backpack…as much as possible, anyway.

6. I met the love of my life at 18. I’m still absolutely mad about him. Sometimes he makes me absolutely mad! The balance is divine.

7. I volunteered at an abortion clinic. This happened a few years after I stopped volunteering, at the same clinic.

July 29, 1994 Dr. John Bayard Britton and his volunteer escort, James H. Barrett, are slain outside a Pensacola, Florida, abortion clinic. Barretts wife, June, is wounded in the attack. Paul J. Hill, 40, a former minister and antiabortion activist, is convicted of murder and sentenced to death.

So thinking about prolife, prochoice, etc. takes me back to this, every single time.

8. When I was little, I thought a lot about being able to divide myself into parts, so that I could live with all of the people I loved.

9. I regularly stash chocolate for myself. It may be months before I can find it again, however.

10. I dream about publishing a book of my own poetry.

11. I sometimes watch horror movies during the day when everyone is at school/work.

12. I’m reading the Bible. After I’m done I’m going to read the Book of Mormon. I wish I could discuss what I’m reading with someone, but so far it is just me, myself and I.

13. I’ve never had a vacation with my husband since getting married. It’ll happen someday, I’m not too worried about it.

14. I actually don’t like most video games. I do like playing Monopoly online though.

15. I will be one of those ladies with small, fancily dressed dogs someday. I can’t wait.


About andalimama

39 Year Old Mother of 3, Reader, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend.
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2 Responses to Monday Meme: 15 Truths

  1. sara says:

    ❤ i wish you'd do one of these every day 🙂

  2. Janna says:

    i love you sissy! i think it’s so cute that you and drew haven’t had a vacation BECAUSE i know that that’s because y’all dedicate everything to the kiddos 😉 your such a good mommy and we all love you for it.
    ps. i’m a chocolate addict too! and I definately wouldn’t mind living out of a back pack for awhile…so over materialism.

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