Bee Fun

Week 1 of spring break is over, Lili is back at school. She was so excited, she laid out her own clothes before bed last night. I always say this, but she has really been growing up lately. So much more independent. I can’t believe in a couple months she will be 8. How can my baby (!) be 8? I ask myself these questions constantly…but, children they do grow up. They really aren’t little forever. Sniff sniff.

We had a lot of fun last week. We went on a few walks. On one walk, we stopped at Ben & Jerry’s for milkshakes. Um…yeah. We live *thatclose* to one. I had a buy one, get one coupon so it was a great surprise for Lili and Kota. 4 of us went to see Tron Legacy at the Avalon theater. It is a decent, inexpensive place to see second-run movies. They are also showing Black Swan…I may go by myself if I can get away this week. The theater we were in was pretty small, next time we will remember to sit on the aisle side. Ahem…some people had to go to the bathroom a couple times. I hated the original Tron (gasp!) but Tron Legacy was pretty cool, I must say. Lili had a sleepover *and* and birthday to attend, luckily both were spaced out just enough! She made the birthday girl a necklace that said “You Rock”. She is always creating….she is turning me into a crafty person myself…despite my fear of the clutter it creates. I dedicated a cabinet to all of the crafty stuff, so if it all stays in there I’m good. I think this could be that *thing* that we always do together. We also spent some time with friends on Friday, going up to one of my favorite places in Portland, Council Crest Park. You can see *Everything* from up there.

Speaking of craftiness…we made these super cute bees ! Aww!!!

Thank you Simple Mama! Lili was a bit frustrated her stripes weren’t perfect but I showed her how to even them up a bit. It was a great craft, even my 12 year old wanted to make one….and we had all the supplies already at home! Yay…I love when that happens! We want to hang them in the window but for now they are hanging from the light fixture in the dining room.

In the last week or so I’ve tried 3 new recipes for my crockpot. Indonesian Chicken, Indian Spinach & Tofu and Autumn Sausage Casserole. The Indonesian Chicken recipe was the most popular. In the future I will tweak this recipe just a bit more. I added a lot of garlic chili pepper sauce but it still wasn’t spicy enough for us. Also, to me, the peanut butter seemed to be overwhelming. Next time I will add less of that. Overall it was pretty good, especially with sticky rice. But we think just about everything is good with sticky rice! The Indian Spinach & Tofu I had high hopes for, but it was just Ok. I will try one more time, doubling the spices, possibly omitting the tofu and adding a can of coconut milk. The Autumn Sausage Casserole Drew & I loved. I used chicken sausage with artichoke & garlic. Everyone else ate it, but didn’t like it too much. I think next time I will try it with some of the veggie sausage links I’ve seen at Trader Joes. It was a good balance of sweet & savory, in my opinion. The sweet part though, was what everyone else thought was strange, so I may try again without the apple, raisins and cinnamon.

I finished my closet yesterday! Yay for me! I honestly wasn’t sure how much space would be left over after organizing everything but…Wow! I have a lot more space than I thought! Yay again! Today is menu planning day, so I’m off to search for a couple crockpot recipes!

Have a great week, and check back with me here later on in the week. I’m going to try to post 2-3 times a week from now on. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section…I would love to hear them.


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