Thursday Top Ten: Spring Edition

Since I’m finally seeing some signs around that Spring is actually here…I thought I would post my top ten favorites…with a little input from the kiddos. What are yours?

1. The many different colors of GREEN I see popping up everywhere, even the new moss in the cracks of the sidewalk!

2. Sun breaks!

3. Birdwatching. Also, hearing the bird songs as we try to find our favorites.

4. Having the windows open, even just for a little while, really soothes my soul.

5. Watching the bulbs we planted last Fall make their way from green leafies into blooms. It seems like something happens daily out there in the flower bed!

6. Asparagus!

7. Saying goodbye to my flannel nightie for a couple seasons.

8. This year, my friend is having a baby (like really soon!) Life is so sweet, and the Spring season is so full of it!

9. In this part of the country, people everywhere just seem to be in a little better mood when the Sun starts shining regularly. I start to see lots of people out and about enjoying the weather. Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming…like wow! I didn’t know so many people lived here! Ha ha ha:)

10. Spring cleaning. As much or as little as I get done, there is something so satisfying about organizing/brightening our space.

Happy Spring!



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39 Year Old Mother of 3, Reader, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend.
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One Response to Thursday Top Ten: Spring Edition

  1. sara says:

    i love your list!! ❤

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