Spring Break

We started the Spring Break off right, at Oaks Park! Woo hoo! This little amusement park was born in 1905. The carousel is my favorite. I’ve always loved carousels the most (probably since there were horses) but this one, well I have never seen another one like it. It is really old, and not shiny and new…probably another reason why I like it that much more. You can ride a frog, dog, cat, giraffe, even a dragon. Here is a bit more info about it. Oaks Park Carousel While we were waiting on Lili’s friend we saw some neat old pictures of the park when it was new. They had a boardwalk (the park overlooks the river) back then, which I wish they still had.

This morning the kids put on some music and are doing some creating. I think we are going to make some candles today. A walk will be nice too. Lili has a week, the boys have 2. We don’t have big plans but a few fun things here and there. My big plan is to get my closet organized. I have the biggest closet and have the fewest personal things so household stuff and everyone else’s things end up in there. Although we have a garage, we don’t have an attic anymore so all the seasonal decorations end up in there. I did a big purge of decorations around Christmas time so we really only have a couple boxes besides the tree. I’m actually looking forward to it, oddly enough. Things like laundry, dishes, etc. are never ending. A closet, after you organize it, stays that way for a while, at least.

Also today, I’m making Indian Spinach and Tofu . I need to get to that really soon because wow…it is almost 12 already. Then a walk up to my favorite neighborhood mountain ❤ After we get home, a quick clean up and then I will plan out our weekly menu. What are some of your family’s favorites? Please do share in the comments, I would love that!


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2 Responses to Spring Break

  1. Hedy says:

    I am making that Tuscan bean salad for dinner tonight. Finally feel like it’s the right time of year for it again. So done with soup! LOL


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