Sickies…what to do?

For the last couple weeks, one by one, my family has come down with a cold. For a full week (knock on wood) we have been healthy. Hooray! I thought I would share some things we do to get healthy when we come down with something. Of course I should mention that being a mama to a 12 year old and a 17 year old, they don’t always listen…but luckily they seem to bounce back fairly quickly anyway.  Thankfully this has been our first illness this Winter, and hopefully the last. (knock on wood!)

The best thing I can recommend is resting. Resting even more than you think you should. I know that is hard for some, especially when you have little ones. Like you did when they were newborns, rest when they do. If  you don’t have family or friends around to help, set up some crafts, coloring, a (low key) video, etc. You may not be able to sleep but a little rest is better than none. Make things easy for yourself. One thing I do normally, is to double a recipe of soup and put it in the freezer. Other easy meals are salad, freezing your favorite pizza dough, burritos, casseroles. Except for the salad, these can all be made when you make a regular meal, and just freeze the leftovers. Of course things vary family by family and you may have your own favorites. Many things can be frozen. If your children are older, let them take on an additional chore while you are healing. My husband works so much he rarely has energy to help at the end of the day, however he always pitches in somehow when I am sick.

I used to use a lot of supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies. These days I use these as sparingly as I would use drugs such as ibuprofen, cold medicines, etc. No real reason, but I don’t feel we really need anything unless we are truly sick. During the Winter, we take vitamin D every day. Fresh air, play and exercise go a long way towards being healthy…Everyday! Many times we get sick because we have been inside to0 much.  In the Winter it can be difficult to get outside, but bundling up and going anyway can be so good for us, body and mind. Good things to have on hand during cold season include: fresh ginger root, honey, vitamin D, elderberry syrup or tincture, and possibly a good echinecea blend. Our favorite has astralgus and golden seal. When we were sick this last time, we used ginger/lemon/honey “tea”, elderberry tincture, vitamin D, fresh oranges and lots of liquids, mostly water, teas and broths. Instead of juice, we eat the fruit and drink water.  Of course it goes without saying if you are not healing in a normal way you should see your doctor. We have always treated simple illness at home with herbs, etc. and sought out help if things aren’t improving. That has worked well for our family for 18 years so far:)

With that I will close, and wish you and your family health. Winter is nearing its end!



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